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About Shipping

1. How soon do I get my product delivered?

We ship within 5-6 days of receiving payment. In most cases your product gets delivered within 7-10 business days since the date of shipment. In several cases this could even be earlier than that depending upon destination.

2. In case of International shipping who pays for the custom duties and taxes if any applicable?
In case of International Shipping the customer pays the custom duties and taxes, as we have no control over this.

3. If I have to return in case I receive wrong, damaged or defective product do I have to pay for shipment charges? Do I have to pay shipping charge for the replacement product?

The shipment charges paid by you for returning the wrong, damaged or defective product will be credited back to your account to the extent of the original shipping charges paid by us. Shipping charges for the replacement are our responsibility.

4. How do I know the status of my delivery?

Immediately upon handing over the parcel to shipping company for delivery, a tracking number is emailed to you. Based on this tracking number you are easily able to track your shipment at any point in time.

About Return Policy

1. What if I am not completely satisfied with my purchase upon its actual delivery?
Our 10-Day Return Policy lets you return the product and exchange it against any other product of your choice without any hassles. Please refer to our Return Policy.

2. Why must I first inform you if I want to return the product?
When you inform us, we are able to understand your situation better and can offer solutions. If the problem is arising due to internal procedures of the Company we are able to address the same immediately to prevent its occurrence in future. We can also guide you for suitable resolution to your satisfaction.