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Return Policy

Return Policy team is committed to give a pleasant shopping experience and a fair deal to our valued customers. Hence, it is always our endeavor to accommodate the customers, whenever necessary and possible, by accepting the products back and replacing them subject to a few simple terms and conditions.

It may be noted that the product must be returned in the original condition in which it was received at your end along with all the packaging, packing tags, invoice and courier documents.

Time frame for reporting and returning the product:
1. When the product is received in damaged condition, or empty parcel or missing items, the same should be reported within 3 days from receipt thereof.
2. In all other cases the return / replacement request must be filed within 10 days from the date of receipt of the product delivery.
3. The product should be shipped back only on approval of the return / replacement request. 

What can be accepted for return / replacement:
1. Totally wrong product delivered.
2. Product received distinctively different than the one ordered.
3. Product received in damaged condition.
4. Defective product.
5. Part of the product missing.
6. Wrong color / style / design / pattern.

What cannot be accepted for return / replacement:
1. Products returned without filing an approval of return / replacement request.
2. Damaged product / empty parcel / missing items not reported within 3 days after delivery.
3. Defective products covered under Seller / Manufacturer's Warranty not reported within 10 days from receipt thereof.
4. Product is damaged due to misuse / overuse.
5. Product serial number is not intact.
6. Product returned without original packaging including price tags, labels, freebies and accessories.
7. Products damaged due to misuse / overuse.
8. Consumable products.
9. Healthcare products.
10. Perishable products.
11. Customized products.
12. Product used, worn or altered.
13. Product or packaging damaged because of wrongful use.

Refund instead of replacement due to non-availability:
1. If the product is no longer available in stock, we may offer a similar product for replacement and send it on your consent. If the product offered to you is not acceptable to you, we will issue refund, subject to conditions laid down in this Return Policy.

Time frame for replacement:
1. It takes about 1 to 3 weeks for replacement item to reach us from the supplier.
2. After that we dispatch it to you within 3 days.
3. After dispatch, the courier takes 5-6 days to deliver depending upon your location.

Filing the replacement / refund request:
You can file a return / replacement request by sending an email to
Our team will investigate the return request and also refer to the respective merchant if found necessary.
The approval / disapproval will be communicated to you after which, in case of approval, you can return the product through courier whose charges will be reimbursed by us to you.
If the product is not available in stock at that point of time, we will initiate refund instead of replacement.

Cases for replacement of products:
In case:
1. The product received in damaged condition, empty package received, some contents or parts missing:
While packing and dispatching, all care is taken at our end that the product is in good condition, correct product is packed, correct quantities are packed, right kind of packaging material is used etc. Yet in a rare case, if it is found that either the product is damaged or totally / partially missing please report it to us within 3 days by sending an email to Our team will investigate the matter and do the needful.

2. If the product is found distinctively different than the one ordered:
We request you to understand that the product image shown on the website may appear slightly different that actual due to different settings on different computers, tablets or cellphones. Hence, please check and ensure that it is significantly different than the image before lodging a replacement / refund request. If the product doesn't meet the description, specifications, promises given on the website, you are eligible to ask for replacement / refund. You may also ask for replacement / refund in case of issues like expiry date etc. Please preserve the image, as it may be required for verification by our support team.

3. Wrong product received:
You are eligible to claim replacement / refund in case an altogether wrong product is received by you.

4. Wrong quantity received:
You may claim replacement or full/partial refund in case wrong quantity is received. Please preserve the delivery documents and the packaging reference numbers. You must inform us about the matter within 3 working days from receipt thereof.

5. Product has manufacturing defect:
If there is a “Manufacturer's Warranty” attached to the product, you will have to contact the nearest service centre of the manufacturer so address the issue. For products not covered by manufacturer's warranty, do contact us and allow us some reasonable time to take up and resolve the issue with the manufacturer / supplier.

Time Frame for Refund:
Our team initiates the refund procedure within 3 working days from receipt of the returned product at our place.
The refund is initiated through the same mode through which the payment is received from you.
For refund through bank, it may take up to 2 weeks to get credited to your account depending upon the respective bank's procedure.

Usually, the time taken after we initiate the refund process for the various modes of refund are as under:
Net banking: 4-5 business days.
Debit Card: 7-9 business days.
Credit Card: 15 business days.