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15 Ways to Plan a Luxurious Eco-friendly Wedding:

15 Ways to Plan a Luxurious Eco-friendly Wedding:

It is high time the Indian weddings become more greener and environmentally conscious.  Millennials today are gradually becoming aware of this which is great and this is reflected in  their weddings. 

Planning a green wedding may be a challenge to the wedding planner. But everyone together  can make a big difference. You can make your wedding a royal affair by having a mix of  grandeur along with alluring décor using sustainable products. 

Here are 15 easy ways where you can start a new chapter in your life with a greener  celebration. 


Go paperless with virtual invitations with the e-wedding-invites. You can also send the  invites printed on seed infused bio-degradable paper which can be planted later. Anushka  Sharma and Virat Kohli had sent unique trend setting invitation cards which were attached  with a plant sapling to encourage their guests to be eco-conscious instead of the usual  wedding favours of mithai and dry fruits. 


If possible, choose an outdoor venue – may be a Botanical Garden or a forest resort. A  natural backdrop of trees and flowers is much appreciated. Use potted plants to  enhance the décor. If planning outdoor, you can make the mandap using banana stems.  Pillars can be carved using banana stems and banana leaves interwoven to make mats  for decoration. Strings of natural flowers will add to the beauty. You can also use  backdrops in colouful shades or tassels. 


You can save on electricity and transformers. If you plant a night wedding, try to use  battery charged solar lights diyas and candles.  


Use colouful backdrops of natural fabrics, using organic colours. You can use jute, terra cota pots for decorations. Ample fresh flowers look beautiful and also add refreshing fragrance. Rent furniture according to the theme chosen. Make utmost use of the  surrounding for the decoration. Several five star properties now offer sustainable  wedding packages. For example, the Marriott hotels chain uses reusable décor. 


Try to hire local vendors as also the flowers and food from nearby source to save on  transportation and contribute to sustainability.

Replace rice toss with fresh flowers or rose petals. You can get in touch with NGSs that  use these petals to make incense sticks and herbal colours. 

Use reusable cutlery and crockery which is available on rent. You may also use banana  leaves to serve food. Edible cutlery is also now available.

A total ban for plastics and thermocole for decoration. Use products made from  sugarcane fiber. A total ban on fireworks during the baarat.  

Replace the table centre piece with potted plants. 


With great emphasis on eco-friendly practices, the fashion industry has come out with a  number of organic fabrics, using recycled materials and natural dyes. In recent years, sustainable sarees have become symbol of style in fashion forward individuals. In this,  organics cotton, linen and silk is used. They come in a wide range of styles, patterns  and designs. They can be paired with handmade jewellery or organic footwear to  complete your sustainable look on your D day. 


Some of the eco-friendly wedding favours a variety of earthenware pots. Water bottles or bowls with Warli paintings, jute and coir products, sustainable grooming kit and  personalized hampers, eco-friendly bags, terra cota diyas, organic soaps to name a few. 


Instead of opting for a gift, a gift registry or receiving cash gifts you can ask guests to donate to a cause which is decided by both of you. 

Plant a sapling for every guest who attends the wedding. 

You can use electric vehicles for baarat and other transportation. 

Tie up with a food bank or homeless shelter or a charitable organisation to collect the  leftover food. Tie up with florists to compost the greens after the wedding.

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